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The Human Condition I: No Greater Love
Release Date: Jan 15, 1959

Genres: War, Drama, History

After handing in a report on the treatment of Chinese colonial labor, Kaji is offered the post of labor chief at a large mining operation in Manchuria, which also grants him exemption from military service. He accepts, and moves to Manchuria with his newly-wed wife Michiko, but when he tries to put his ideas of more humane treatment into practice, he finds himself at odds with scheming officials, cruel foremen, and the military police.

Featured Cast: click image to view more
Tatsuya Nakadai | Kaji
Michiyo Aratama | Michiko
Chikage Awashima | Tôfuku Kin
Ineko Arima | Shunran Yô
Sō Yamamura | Okishima
Akira Ishihama | Chin
Featured Crew
crew image
Masaki Kobayashi | Director
crew image
Jumpei Gomikawa | Novel
crew image
Masaki Kobayashi | Screenplay
crew image
Shigeru Wakatsuki | Producer
crew image
Keiichi Uraoka | Editor
crew image
Kazue Hirataka | Art Direction